The Ford C-MAX is Ford's highly efficient compact, hybrid car.

The Ford C-MAX manages to fit a lot of features in a relatively small space. The C-MAX brings many new advances to hybrid cars. Here, we compare the C-MAX to some of the top requested comparison vehicles. Whether it be price or vehicle type, we've chosen the top three most requested comparisons below.

2016 Ford C-MAX Hybrid SE vs. 2015 Nissan Versa Note SV

Exterior - The grille on the C-Max has a metal-look while the Versa has black with chrome accents. Additionally, the C-Max comes with a lip rear spoiler as a standard feature while it's added optionally on the Versa Note. The C-MAX offers the option to have a sunroof and approach lights while the Versa Note does not offer it. And you also get driver-side turn signal indicators on the C-MAX.

Interior - The Ford C-MAX has 3 power outlets and 6 speakers. The Versa has 1 outlet and 4 speakers. The rear head restraints are adjustable on the C-MAX and fixed in the Versa Note. The C-MAX also has an illuminated glove box and front-center armrest while the Nissan Versa Note does not. 

Mechanical - The C-MAX has 129 lbs of torque and 141 horsepower. The Versa Note has 107 lbs of torque and 109 horsepower. The wheels are also 17" on the C-MAX and 15" on the Versa Note.

Dimensions - The fuel economy on the C-MAX is 40-combined mpg while the Nissan Versa is 35-combined mpg. Passenger volume in the C-MAX is 100 cubic feet. The Versa Note is 94 cubic feet.

2016 Ford C-MAX Hybrid SE vs. 2016 Honda Fit EX

Exterior - The C-MAX comes standard with mirror turn signals and delay-off headlamps while the Honda Fit does not come with either. Otherwise, they have comparable exteriors in terms of features.

Interior - The C-MAX has express up and down window controls on both sides of the vehicle while the Fit only offers it on the driver side.  The C-MAX also comes with a convex spotter mirror while the Fit does not. The steering wheel on the Fit is urethane while the C-MAX has a metal look.

Mechanical - The C-MAX has 129 lbs of torque and 141 horsepower while the Honda Fit has only 114 lbs of torque and 130 horsepower. The wheel diameter is an inch less on the Fit in comparison to the Ford C-MAX.

Dimensions - The C-MAX gets 42 city mpg while the Fit gets 29 city mpg. Like the Versa Note, the Honda Fit has 94 cubic feet of interior passenger volume which is 6 feet less than the C-MAX.

2016 Ford C-MAX Hybrid SE vs. 2016 Chevrolet Sonic LS

Exterior - The C-MAX gives the option to add a sunroof while the Sonic does not. Other than that, the exteriors are very similar.

Interior - The C-MAX has power window controls while the Chevrolet Sonic LS has manual, arm crank windows. The C-MAX also comes standard with dual zone front air conditioning, a keyfob, overhead console storage, and an illuminated glovebox. The Sonic has none of these features.

Mechanical - The horsepower and torque are similar on the two vehicles. The C-MAX has 129 lbs of torque and 141 horsepower; the Chevrolet Sonic has 125 lbs of torque and 138 horsepower. The C-MAX has two extra inches of wheel diameter over the Chevy Sonic. 

Dimensions - The passenger volume of the Sonic is 91 cubic feet. That's 9 cubic feet less than the C-MAX. The combined mpg for the Sonic is 28 mpg; the C-MAX has 40-combined mpg.

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