Ford Edge compared to the Nissan Murano, Chevy Equinox, and Honda CR-V

The Ford Edge is a more compact SUV than the Escape but still offers buyers a vehicle that maintains many of the benefits of a full-sized SUV. Here we compare them to similar SUVs from other brands.

2016 Ford Edge SE vs. 2015 Nissan Murano S

Exterior - The 2016 Ford Edge SE comes with a rear spoiler and optional rear bumper step; the Murano S does not. The Edge has an integrated-roof antenna while the Murano S has a window grid and roof antenna.

Interior - The Ford Edge comes standard with voice activated audio control, convex spotter mirror, and speed sensitive volume. The Murano S does not have these features or they are only optional.

Mechanical - The Edge has 275 lbs of torque; the Murano has 250 lbs. The wheel width on the Ford Edge is a half-inch wider than on the Murano.

Dimensions - Maximum interior cargo volume is over 3 cubic feet more in the Edge than in the Murano. Passenger volume in the Edge is 114 cubic feet; the Murano is 108.

2016 Ford Edge SE vs. 2015 Chevrolet Equinox LS

Interior - The Edge comes with express-up window controls on the passenger side (in addition to the driver side). It also comes with a proximity key and voice activated control. These features are not on the Equinox.

Fuel Economy - The combined mpg on the Ford Edge is 30 while the Equinox is 29.

Mechanical - The wheel diameter on the Edge is an inch more than the Equinox. It also comes with 245 horsepower (as opposed to the Equinox's 182 hp).

Dimensions - Interior cargo volume on the Edge is 39 cubic feet. The Equinox has 31 cubic feet. Passenger volume is an extra 14 cubic feet in the Edge as well.

2016 Ford Edge SE vs. 2016 Honda CR-V LX (CVT)

Exterior - The Ford Edge comes with a rear spoiler and optional rear bumper step while the CR-V does not. The both have integrated roof antennas and halogen headlights. 

Interior - The Edge comes with 6 speakers and the CR-V has 4 speakers.

Mechanical - The CR-V does not have a proximity key, rear reading lights, and driver-seat lumbar support like the Ford Edge.

Dimensions - The Edge has an 18-gallon tank while the CR-V has a 15-gallon tank. The Edge also has more interior cargo volume and passenger volume than the CR-V.