The Ford Escape is a Great SUV for the Utah terrain

The Ford Escape has come a long way and represents top American-made SUVs. The Escape is seen as a smaller SUV, but its drivers don't feel shorted. Here we compare the Ford Escape with the top requested comparisons.

2016 Ford Escape SE vs. 2016 Nissan Rogue S

Exterior - The Ford Escape SE comes with front fog driving lights and has the option to add heated mirrors. The Nissan Rogue S does not offer either. The Escape also has delay-off headlamps while the Rogue does not. Both come with Halogen headlights.

Interior - The Escape has 4 12V power outlets and 6 speakers; the Rogue has 3 outlets and 4 speakers. The Escape also comes standard with a SecuriCode keypad, voice activated audio control, and an illuminated glove box. The Rogue does not offer any of these features.

Mechanical - The Escape has 184 pounds of torque and 178 horsepower; the Rogue has 175 pounds of torque and 170 horsepower. They both have 17" wheel diameters.

Dimensions - The Escape has an extra half-inch of rear headroom and front hip room.

2016 Ford Escape SE vs. 2016 Hyundai Tucson SE

Exterior - The exterior features are comparable on both vehicles. The Escape has standard front fog/driving lights and the Tucson has standard heated mirrors.

Interior - The Tucson doesn't have the keypad like the Escape. It also doesn't have voice activated control, compass, or exterior temperature like the Escape. 

Mechanical - The Escape has more horsepower and torque than the Tucson (by as much as 12 horsepower). The Escape is four-wheel drive while the Tucson is All-wheel drive. Highway mpg is 3 mpg more in the Escape than in the Tucson.

Dimensions - Front legroom is nearly 2 inches longer in the Escape than in the Tucson. Exterior length is 2 inches longer as well.

2016 Ford Escape SE vs. 2016 Honda CR-V LX

Exterior - Some features that are optional or standard on the Escape that are not available on the CR-V include a rear spoiler lip, front fog lights, and heated mirrors.

Interior - The Escape has 6 speakers; the CR-V has 4. Like the other vehicles, the CR-V doesn't come with a keypad entry or voice-activated audio control like the Escape does. The Escape also comes with power seat controls while the CR-V has manual seat controls.

Mechanical - Unlike the Escape's 4-wheel drive, the CR-V is All-wheel drive. Torque and horsepower are very similar in both vehicles.