Ford Flex Comparisons

Here we will look at the differences (and similarities) between the Ford Flex vs. Nissan Pathfinder, Chevrolet Traverse, and Honda Pilot. While the exteriors are very different, there are many things to consider before going for your "run of the mill" full-size SUV.

2016 Ford Flex SEL vs. 2016 Nissan Pathfinder S

Exterior - Compared to the 2016 Nissan Pathfinder, the 2016 Ford Flex has heated mirrors, optional perimeter lights, and delay-off headlamps - features not available in the Pathfinder. They both have halogen headlight beams. As far as looks go, the Flex is unlike any other vehicle.

Interior - The Ford Flex comes with 4 power outlets which allows for more devices for more passengers than the Pathfinder's 2. It also comes standard with Bluetooth,  heated seats, and rear parking sensors which are not available in the Pathfinder.

Mechanical - Both come with 3.5L engines but the Flex puts out 287 horsepower compared to the Pathfinder's 260 HP. Both have 18 inch wheel diameters. The Flex has AWD while the Pathfinder has 4WD.

Dimensions - Both have a fuel tank of 19 gallons. Maximum interior cargo volume on the Ford Flex is 83 cubic feet while the Pathfinder's is 79.8 cubic feet.

2016 Ford Flex SEL vs. 2016 Chevrolet Traverse LS

Exterior - The Ford Flex comes with heated mirrors and a rear bumper step where the Chevrolet Traverse does not. Both come with halogen headlights and delay-off headlamps.

Interior - Again, the Ford Flex includes more DC outlets than the 2016 Chevrolet Traverse. The Flex also includes voice activated audio control, parking sensors, remote engine start, and a garage door transmitter where the Traverse LS does not have these features.

Mechanical - The Flex has an 18" wheel diameter while the Traverse has 17" rims. The horsepower in the Flex is 287 HP while the Traverse has 281 HP. Both are AWD and have 6-speed automatic engines.

Dimensions - Both receive 16 city-MPG fuel economies. Passenger volume in the Flex is 156 Cubic feet compared to the Traverse's 151 cubic feet.

2016 Ford Flex SEL vs. 2016 Honda Pilot LX

Exterior - The Honda Pilot does not have heated mirrors, fog lights, or the option for a rook rack like the Ford Flex. Both include halogen headlights and delay-off headlamps (the thing that makes everyone think you left your lights on but then they turn off on their own because it's the future).

Interior - The Flex has 2 more power outlets than the 2016 Honda Pilot LX. Other features found in the Flex that is not available in the Pilot LX include a Securicode KeyPad, heated seats, voice activated audio control, parking sensors, remote engine start, and a garage door transmitter.

Mechanical - These vehicles carry similar traits including 3.5L engines, ~280 horsepower, and 18" rims. Both are AWD as well.

Dimensions - Like mechanical, the dimensions are similar on paper (although their appearance and layout are very different. Passenger volume is within 3 cubic feet of each other as well as maximum interior cargo volume (under 1 cubic foot of each other).