2016 Ford Focus SE

Below we compare the 2016 Ford Focus with the top searched comparisons on Google. These vehicles serve similar consumer categories and gravitate towards similar prices. Find out what is the same and what is different between each vehicle.

2016 Ford Focus SE vs. Honda Civic LX

Exterior - The exterior body width is 1" larger on the Focus and about 4" shorter than the Civic. The Focus has remote activated perimeter lights and mirror turn signals that are not featured on the Civic. There's also the option for heated mirrors on the Focus that's not available on the Civic.

Interior - The Focus includes 6 speakers compared to the Civic's 4. Features that come standard on the Ford Focus SE that are not available on the Honda Civic LX include a convex spotter mirror, CD slot, voice activated audio control, rear beverage holders, and rear parking sensors.

Mechanical - Both are 2L engines within 2 horsepower of each other. Both have 16" wheels and I-4 engines. Wheel material on the Focus is aluminum and the Civic has steel rims.

Dimensions - Both have similar sized interiors and 12-gallon fuel tanks. The Focus is a little heavier at 2,960 lbs.

2016 Ford Focus SE vs. 2016 Toyota Corolla LE

Exterior - The exterior length on the Ford Focus is more compact than the Toyota Corolla at 178.5" (compared to 182.6" on the Corolla.) The exterior width is about 2" larger on the Ford Focus. The Focus comes with mirror turn signal indicators to allow traffic immediately beside you to see your turning indication. The Focus has an integrated roof antenna while the Corolla has a window grid antenna.

Interior - The Ford Focus comes with rear parking sensors as a standard feature that is not available with the Corolla. The Focus also includes overhead console storage that isn't available in the Corolla.

Mechanical - The Ford Focus SE has a 2L engine with 160 HP while the Toyota Corolla has a 2.8L engine with 132 HP. Both include I-4 Engines.

Dimensions - The combined mpg fuel economy for each vehicle is 30 for the Focus and 32 for the Corolla. The front headroom heights on each vehicle is identical (at 38.3")

2016 Ford Focus SE vs. 2014 Nissan Sentra SV

Exterior - The body of the Ford Focus SE is a little wider than the Nissan Sentra SV. The Focus has a 71.8" width and the Sentra has a 69.3" width. The Focus comes standard with fully automatic exterior light control while it's optional with the Sentra. An additional feature that is standard on the Focus that is not available on the Sentra includes turn signals on the mirrors.

Interior - The Focus has rear-parking sensors and voice activated audio control while the Sentra does not. Both include remote keyless entry.

Mechanical - The Ford Focus SE includes a 2L engine with 160 horsepower. The Sentra has a 1.8L engine with 130 horsepower. The rims on the Focus are aluminum and the Sentra has steel rims.

Dimensions - The Focus has 30-combined MPG fuel economy while the Sentra has 34-combined MPG fuel economy.