Ford Mustang vs. Top Muscle Cars of 2016

Here we compare the Mustang GT with the Nissan 370z, Dodge Challenger, and Chevy Camaro. We've chosen models that are similar in price to help level the playing field.

2016 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2016 Nissan 370z Coupe

Exterior - Body width on the GT is 75.4 inches and 72.6 inches on the Nissan 370z. The length on the Mustang is 188 inches and 168 inches on the Nissan Z. The Mustang has a front grille while the 370z has a different design that excludes the grille. Exterior light control is fully automatic on the Mustang GT and programmable on the 370z. The Mustang also comes with a rear spoiler lip while it's an optional upgrade on the Nissan.

Interior - Seating capacity in the Mustang is 4 and only 2 in the 370z. The Mustang GT also features 6 speakers compared to the 370z's 4. Both include Bluetooth and cloth seat material. The Mustang offers a telescoping steering wheel that's not available in the 370z.

Mechanical - The GT features a 5L, 435 horsepower engine. The 370z has a 3.7L, 332 horsepower engine. The Mustang is a V-8 and the 370z is a V-6. Both include 18-inch rims.

Dimensions - Curb weight on the GT is 3,705 pounds while the 370z is lighter at 3,316 pounds. Front legroom is 44.5 inches in the Mustang and 42.9 in the 370z. Finally, total passenger volume in the Mustang is 84 cubic feet. The 370z has only 52 cubic feet.

2016 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2016 Dodge Challenger R/T

Exterior - Overall, the Mustang GT is more compact than the Dodge Challenger. For example, the exterior length on the GT is 188 inches while the Challenger comes in barely under 198 inches. Both come with a rear lip spoiler and galvanized steel exteriors.

Interior - The GT includes express up window controls that's not included in the Challenger. Both have cloth seat upholstery and Bluetooth. However, the Challenger has removed the CD slot completely while it's still featured in the Mustang. Both also have button push-starts.

Mechanical - While the Challenger has a 5.7L engine; the Mustang puts out 435 HP while the Challenger puts out 375 HP. Both have V-8 engines and aluminum wheels.

Dimensions - The highway MPG for the Mustang GT is 25 while the Challenger sits at 23 MPG. Both have a turning radius of 18 feet.

2016 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2016 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT

Exterior - The GT has LED brake lights that are not available on the Camaro. While the rear lip spoiler is optional on the Camaro, it's standard on the Mustang. Both include fully automatic exterior light controls. Finally, the Mustang has a window-grid antenna while the Camaro features a window grid.

Interior - The Mustang GT comes with overhead console storage and an illuminated glove box (that are not available in the Camaro. Both use push-button ignitions and light window tints.

Mechanical - According to Nissan's comparison tool, the horsepower in the Ford Mustang GT is 435 while the Camaro has 275 horsepower.

Dimensions - Interior cargo volume in the Mustang is 13.5 cubic feet and the Camaro has 9.1 cubic feet of cargo volume. Also, the curb weight on the Mustang is 3,705 pounds and 3,339 pounds in the Camaro.