pass of all passes giveaway


Congratulations to our lucky winner. Thank you all who participated!

It's been a long winter - treat yourself to a fun summer!

From now until APRIL 3rd, visit our Provo Ford Dealership, fill out a small form, and enter to win 10 Seven-Peaks Pass of All Passes! That means you win and can bring 10 friends with you! Enter to win while you are buying a car or getting one serviced.

What's Included in the Pass of All Passes?

The Pass of All Passes gets you entry into several Seven-Peaks Water Parks, Entertainment Centers, and more! Here is a short list of some of the top things you can do with a Pass of All Passes.

  • Seven Peaks Waterpark (Provo)
  • Seven Peaks Waterpark (Salt Lake City)
  • Seven Peaks Fun Center (Lehi)
  • Seven Peaks Spooktacular
  • The North Pole at Seven Peaks
  • SLC Stars Games
  • Orem Owlz Games
  • Peaks Ice Arena in Provo
More About the Pass of All Passes